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Petit LeMans 2013

Posted in Auto Racing (Sports Car & F1 only) on October 22, 2013 by Ed Pettus

Had another great time at Road Atlanta this year.  The racing was fun, the cars looked great, and most of all I was able to enjoy the time with my daughters and all the questions about endurance sports car racing.  Oh yeah, and they had a little interest in seeing one of the drivers.












This was the last year for the race under the banner of ALMS but I hope it will be even better under the new Tudor United Sports Car Championship.  Is that going to be the TUSCC?

Here are some more pics from 2013 Petit…











Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta 2012

Posted in Auto Racing (Sports Car & F1 only) on November 6, 2012 by Ed Pettus

Road Atlanta is one of my favorite places on earth!  I attended two days at the track for Petit LeMans, the ten hour/1000 mile(whichever comes first) sports car endurance race.  First day drove down and made it in time for each class qualifying, had time to run through the paddock area and see a lot of the cars and drivers and lots of fun stuff.  Day two was race day!  Here are a few of my pics.

This pic of the Oak Racing #35 is one of my favorites.  I have always had a liking for the GULF colors ever since they were the colors of the Gulf Porsche 917 back in the day.

The Delta Wing was fun to watch on track.  While it looks like it could never work, it was surprisingly fun to watch turn and glide down the track.

Other cool racing pictures!

You can check out a couple of my videos, nothing spectacular, but good sights and sounds!

Petit LeMans 2011

Posted in Auto Racing (Sports Car & F1 only) on October 20, 2011 by Ed Pettus

I was looking back over some entries and saw that I made one for the 2009 Petit LeMans, so since I made it to the 2011 race, here is another blog entry on this year’s race!! I had a great time hearing the cars, smelling the rubber, fuel, oil, just all the sights and sounds of sports car racing!! Got to introduce my niece’s husband, Clay, to the world of American LeMans Series Racing and he seemed to enjoy the new experience.  It was a large field of 53 cars so lots to see.  BMW was, of course, an interest for me…but I love all the cars there.  Really liked the the hydraulic jacks seen in the Porsche paddock, but alas, more money than I could ever pay for such things.The weather was awesome, 65 and sunny, and a big crowd scattered all over the track.  Check out some of my videos from the event on youtube and

Ferrari is always fun to hear!










Here are some more pics!

Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta (2009)

Posted in Auto Racing (Sports Car & F1 only) on October 2, 2009 by Ed Pettus


Zeke did not get to go to Road Atlanta, but he is not really into sports car racing. I had a blast seeing the changes in the track and infield areas. I think the “new” turn 10 complex is the best place to watch the racing. It had been 19 years since I had been there, so everything was “new” to me! If you know very little about road racing you really should check it out: There is nothing like the sights and sounds of sports car racing. I posted a couple of videos on youtube – here’s one: Unlike NASCAR, the sport’s car guys can go in the rain!