Petit LeMans 2011

I was looking back over some entries and saw that I made one for the 2009 Petit LeMans, so since I made it to the 2011 race, here is another blog entry on this year’s race!! I had a great time hearing the cars, smelling the rubber, fuel, oil, just all the sights and sounds of sports car racing!! Got to introduce my niece’s husband, Clay, to the world of American LeMans Series Racing and he seemed to enjoy the new experience.  It was a large field of 53 cars so lots to see.  BMW was, of course, an interest for me…but I love all the cars there.  Really liked the the hydraulic jacks seen in the Porsche paddock, but alas, more money than I could ever pay for such things.The weather was awesome, 65 and sunny, and a big crowd scattered all over the track.  Check out some of my videos from the event on youtube and

Ferrari is always fun to hear!










Here are some more pics!


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