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Bernadette “Bernie” vs. the SUV

Posted in BMW on November 8, 2011 by Ed Pettus

We are truly thankful that Sarah was unharmed in her recent accident. She and I are aware that her health is the number one issue here, so you need not remind us to be thankful yet again. But we do want room to grieve the loss of our “Bernie”, the red BMW 535is. As of this writing we are waiting to hear from the insurance folks who will decide her fate. My estimation is that she will be totaled and I will have to buy her back so that I will have lots of parts for #1 BMW, “Elka”. There is some frame damage and as I see it all of the front end would need replacement. I am already planning to transplant her antennae into Elka, the white BMW 535is.  It is only fitting since, about a month ago, Elka gave up a window motor for Bernie, not to mention an alternator until a new one was purchased.