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Angela Miller’s You Set Me Free

Posted in Musings on February 24, 2013 by Ed Pettus

American Idol is perhaps an icon for the American dream of success through entertainment.  Unfortunately, it is also an icon of much that is wrong in America, thinking that fame and fortune are the answers to our human condition.  But, AI has also had its lights in the midst of darkness.  Angela Miller is one such light.  She performed her own song You Set Me Free during Hollywood week and has set the internet and the AI judges buzzing about the performance and the song itself.  No doubt that those who believe in Jesus Christ will hear nothing but Jesus in the lyric (and rightly so), without ever having sung the name.  Others have already blogged and “youtubed” other interpretations.  As a believer I know that it is Christ alone who speaks a word and through it we gain courage, strength, and are set apart.  It is Jesus who loves us for who we are and in turn Jesus sets us free to become more than what we are when we first encountered the Christ.  I don’t know if Angela has posted the exact lyrics, here is my best guess!  Read then listen…powerful song both by the lyrics and the gifted singer.

You find me here alone / I hear a voice that’s so unknown

It strikes courage up my backbone, Strength in my heart, a life set apart

I see that’s what you are / You calm, you come, with open arms

You say I love you for who you are / When I was haunted and alone with this baggage on my back draggin me down

You set me free, Yeah / You set me free, Yeah / You set me free

I hope she has a chance to record the entire song in the future!  Regardless of the outcome on AI, Angela will have a great ministry through her music.

(Just a matter of time before AI pulls this video from You Tube, so enjoy while you can!)