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Old BMWs update!

Posted in BMW on October 22, 2011 by Ed Pettus

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the thing about owning old BMWs is they always need some kind of work, but the great thing about old BMWs is a normal person with a little bit of mechanical know how can work on them.  My latest “work” was to upgrade braking ability.  Speed is fun but stopping is equally important.  I found some cross drilled rotors with close out prices and brake pads also at a great price, so the logical thing to do was to paint the calipers as well for a complete awesome upgrade for Elka (my white ’87 e28).  I have had these parts for several months and when she needed repair for a battery drain somewhere in the electrical system, it was time to put her up on jack stands and spend some quality time!









First step was to paint rotors with POR-15 rust treatment.  Here are the before and after shots.

Cleaned all the calipers with degreaser supplied in the paint kit and a little wire brush help.  The epoxy paint was easy to work with and just enough to cover the calipers.








Next day installed new pads, assembled brakes to get a cool new look and much better performance!









Final look:

The battery drain was probably a ground issue, but we (JB and I) I did so many things to the system with relays, fuses, cleaning grounds, new battery and new alternator, that I could not tell for sure the particular problem.  Could also have been a combination of things.  In the end, no more battery drain!  I also added a front strut brace which took some extra fabrication to make it fit, but that is what you get buying a strut brace on ebay from Hong Kong!

Next thought:  ECU performance chip, maybe for Christmas!  🙂


Petit LeMans 2011

Posted in Auto Racing (Sports Car & F1 only) on October 20, 2011 by Ed Pettus

I was looking back over some entries and saw that I made one for the 2009 Petit LeMans, so since I made it to the 2011 race, here is another blog entry on this year’s race!! I had a great time hearing the cars, smelling the rubber, fuel, oil, just all the sights and sounds of sports car racing!! Got to introduce my niece’s husband, Clay, to the world of American LeMans Series Racing and he seemed to enjoy the new experience.  It was a large field of 53 cars so lots to see.  BMW was, of course, an interest for me…but I love all the cars there.  Really liked the the hydraulic jacks seen in the Porsche paddock, but alas, more money than I could ever pay for such things.The weather was awesome, 65 and sunny, and a big crowd scattered all over the track.  Check out some of my videos from the event on youtube and

Ferrari is always fun to hear!










Here are some more pics!