A World of Information

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There are more blogs and magazines and commentaries and newspapers and “what all”, more than I could list here, that expound every idea under the sun on any and all topics.  The Internet is certainly the largest source of everything!  I’m on the Internet as much as any “techno geek” and I appreciate Twitter and Facebook for those who post articles that I would never see otherwise.  Most of the articles I read include authors who are so sure of their opinions, even treating their opinions as fact to be received with joy by every reader.  I exaggerate, of course, but so many people are so sure of their “rightness”.  And then there are the comments by the readers and the comments on the comments.  I also understand that articles without such certainty might be poor reading.  Authors do need to shock or exaggerate to get readers.  Yet, it also creates lots of poorly written shock and awe.  There is perhaps a greater need in our world today to retreat from the world for a short period of time.  We can easily get hooked on the information highway and lose sight of that which is most important.  The apostle Paul writes about the importance of transformation (Romans 12:1-2) but we tend to gravitate to mere information and thus suffer from spiritual malnourishment.

We are the most informed in the history of people.  What once may have taken weeks to know from around the world is now communicated in seconds.  It appears that there is nothing we cannot know or at least read about on the webinator.  But what we know does not always lead us to transformation of heart and soul to the degree necessary to a more abundant and fulfilling life.  My pet peeve these days is the 30 minute news broadcast that barely touches on a multitude of information tidbits with no reflection or meaning given to those events.  Then you tack on the liberal or conservative slant, depending on your news preference, and you get even more garbage presented.  It is just a constant barage of information and misinformation that numbs the mind to the transformative news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is not my intention to suggest a boycott of web or TV news but to encourage less for the sake of more good news from the good book.  All that we viewed on FOX or CNN yesterday will fade away if it has not done so already, but the word of the Lord will endure forever.  Add to that the brilliance of the word of God that puts all other information into proper perspective and you have a great motive for reading the words of life eternal.

Ezra 7:10


Future Sermons…

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If you came looking for latest preaching, articles, or other church information, click PPCEPC for our church website!


e28 BMW 1986 & 1987

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I’ve been posting on FB with some guys on the “BMW E28 Group” page and it got me searching through pics on my ’87.  It reminded me that a lot has been done to “Elka” since 2008 when I purchased her from my friend James.  Then James put me on to another e28, 1986, “Gretchen”, that I bought in June 2013.  My wife drives her, yes, her DD.  I drive Elka daily.  We are a full e28 garage!  Just thought I might post a few pics from the archives.


“Elka” just before I owned her. April, 2008.



Elka in May, 2014.








Elka has been through many changes in six years.  Just in these two pics above: painted wheels, bumper tuck, blacked out all chrome, painted valance, windows tinted, and ride just slightly lower with new set of springs and struts.

Tons of work on the inside!  “New” engine, both strut housings replaced in front, transformed all interior to all black, reconditioned leather in back seat, recovered front seats in imitation leather, and the list goes on.  Elka is my non-stock toy, while Getchen (below) I will keep as stock as possible.


Located in warehouse in May 2013. Just needed a battery to get her home.












Cleaned up, windows tinted.











There have been others in the family…


“Bernie” – she was totaled and her engine now resides in “Elka”.










This was my brief encounter with a 2002. Had to sell her 😦 because I had too many BMWs at the time.












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My Statement Released to the OGA: “Practice What You Preach”

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Check out Mateen Elass on his blog post – My Statement Released to the OGA: “Practice What You Preach”.

At the Vintage 2014 – Old Salem

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Yet another great event put on by Scott Sturdy and lots of volunteers.  Over 300 vintage BMWs gathered through the streets of Old Salem on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Friday and Sunday included all who desired to motor through the country roads in NC!  It was great to see cars and folks from previous years and some new ones as well.


Both cars ready for Vintage!

We left early Saturday morning and by the time we arrived in NC most of the cars were already lined up.  We ended up on the upper end of Main St. but had some good spots (every spot is good!).  Here are some of my pics from the event.



So many great cars.  Had a few 5 owners stop by to talk shop about our cars.


Check out all my pics here https://plus.google.com/photos/114520610828599484553/albums/6018178648264931073?banner=pwa

Already looking forward to 2015.



A Better Monday Afternoon

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Check Bentley for all torque settings.

Engine check list:

Power steering pump

Ac compressor

Water pump

Wiring to starter

Wiring to oil sensor

Wiring to alternator

Vacuum hose (brown/clear) to intake underneath driver side

Hose from reservoir to T connector                                                                                                                                                                 DSCN9002

Bracket on top of engine holding sensors

Gray sensor to passenger side

Reference and speed sensors

Fuel regulator / and vacuum hose feeds thru hole at intake and connects at front under intake

Sensor to flywheel (front)

Thermostat housing

Hoses under intake to T connector

Cross bracket with reset connectors/module

Throttle housing

Check throttle – frayed cable

Idle control unit, hose to intake, unit bolted to valve cover and to air flow tube

Wire rail (2 nuts)

Oil in lifters and spark plug holes

Air valve, passenger hose to charcoal canister, vent hose, vacuum hose to intake nipple next to block

Valve cover gasket

Radiator and mounts (slide center sleeve out to slide mount on rad)DSCN9010

Air filter housing and AFM – electric connection held on with zip tie


Distributer cap

Fuel lines


Radiator wiring, top sensor (green to firewall side), bottom sensor (green/brown lower)

Fan  (torque bolts on fan clutch)

Fan cowell

Oil in filter and engine!!


Check for leaks on oil, coolant, etc.



****  ****  ****

As you may have gathered, this was my check list for getting my BMW back up and running.  Got the engine and transmission mounted on Monday 5/5 and on Friday 5/16 had first start and test drive.  Only one little oil leak that was quickly fixed!


All buttoned up and ready for the road! Well, except for hood shocks!


This was my first engine swap and it was fun to learn more about my e28.  She is running great.  First road trip was to the Vintage at Old Salem and we had a good time with both e28s.  Will post later about the Vintage.



Ready for At the Vintage

A Good Saturday Afternoon

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After spending a few weeks in the the disassemble stage of getting off all things connected to the engine, we spent a pleasant afternoon putting new seals in one engine and lifting the other out of the e28.  Only had a few snags along the way but no e28s were harmed in these pics.  Have to order a couple of more parts before we complete the engine swap.



Two nuts in a garage!




Out with the older (300k), in with the newer (100k). Putting new seals in and checking banjo bolts and whatever else we can do.



Make go fast!


Just ignore those chains around the intake!





BMW e28 Engine Swap

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When I was a young lad, in the 10-14 year old range, I remember the ability to do small repairs to my mom’s MGs.  She always had a midget or MGB or MGBGT.  MGs always  need repairs.  Since we had a five car garage, there were sports cars at our house constantly, either stored there for friends or getting repaired.  I would go out and just sit in a Triumph or a Formula Vee race car dreaming of racing around a track!  My car tinkering days lasted through college with my Fiat 124 spyder but ended shortly after that when it was sold and I moved on to drive other less interesting cars.


My FIAT, 1971 124 Spyder, as with all first cars, wish I still had it!

I have owned my ’87 BMW since 2008 and I have done all the work (too cheap to pay labor cost) since then.  It did not take long for all that knowledge of my earlier tinkering days to return.   So, now I find myself replacing an engine in my ’87 BMW 535is.  This is more than I could ever do back in the day.  Since the BMW had a timing chain issue in December 2013 and since the process of working my way toward the timing chain got me nearly half way to nothing left on the engine, I decided it would be wise to just replace it with my spare engine.  I have an engine with just over 100k waiting for such an opportunity.  Since the current engine is close to 300k, it seemed like a no brainer.   Just another fun project for springtime!  Got a list of parts together, seals for the “newer” engine, front seal for tranny, hoses, new radiator, etc.





The engine I am using came from a 1987 535is (Bernadette).  Only difference was the automatic transmission.  It was wrecked a few years ago which deeply saddened me and my daughter who was driving it.  But rust issues and lots of opportunity for spare parts gave me reason to part it out.  Thus, I have an engine ready to go in Elka.

Picture 025
Bernie, poor girl, her days were short.





Nice and clean



IN WITH THE NEWER, Bernie’s heart will live again! (Sorry about focus. Your eyes are ok.)


I hope to have the project complete by end of April with time to work out any kinks before the Vintage Gathering http://atthevintage.com/ late in May.  Will update when all is complete.



An Old New Shave

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I’ve done it.  I am back to the razor my dad used to use.  Not his particular razor, who knows what happened to that, but the same style razor.  One blade, double edged, safety razor, old school.  I was so tired of spending too much money on twin, triple, quad, (will it ever end) blades that just make shaving so boring and unappealing.  One surprise from my change to DE razor shaving is how much I enjoy it.  I have purchased an inexpensive razor and I am currently trying out various blades to find one I like the most.  After a month of shaving I now look forward to shaving every day.  I’ve been researching all the products available for DE razor shaving and will keep using my store of Edge shaving cream until it runs out.  Then I will consider a brush and soaps, etc.  There are several websites with lots of products like:  http://shavenation.com/  and I stopped by this store in Charlotte last time I was at South Park Mall, http://www.theartofshaving.com/.  Sometimes the best things in life are older and less expensive.  Even so, technology has greatly improved old style razors and blades too!  Razors have become like Rocky movies, I mean, how many blades can you fit in one handle?  DSCN8703

BMW woes

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At first it seemed like a cold start issue.  First cold day of the year and the 1986 535i (Gretchen) would not start.  But after replacing all that could prevent starting on a cold day…still no vroom.  New fuel pump and filter did not get it done either.  Yes, I have fire, but fuel issue persists.

Meanwhile, timing chain breaks on 1987 535is (Elka).  She sits waiting her turn for repairs while I labor to diagnose Gretchen.  Fortunately, we have two other vehicles to keep us on the road, but there is no comparison between the ride of a Jeep and that of a bimmer.  Looking forward to getting both BMWs back on the road soon!!


Gretchen on left 535i 1986


UPDATE 4/1/14:  Reference sensors were the starting issue.  Yet, in the diagnostic phase, I replaced fuel filter, pump, plugs, distributor cap and rotor.  She is running great!