My Dog Zeke

When I first started a blog some time back in 2009, I spoke through my dog Zeke.  I was working off the idea I first heard from Allen Levi who wrote songs from his dog’s point of view or songs about talking to his dog.  (Click his name for a link.)  I thought my dog Zeke would be a good way begin, thus, if anyone was critical of my blog, I could just blame it on Zeke.  I looked up the original blog today and was surprised to see that it still exists on blogger.  Just in case you don’t care to scroll to the first entry, I repost it here:

Talking to my dog…

I was talking to my dog Zeke yesterday. He looks like Marley but his name is Zeke. Good name for a dog. He said something about blogging. Not sure how he knows about these things. Since he weighs in at 75+ lbs and his paws are full of mud all the time, I decided it was time that I typed up his thoughts.
Blogging is something Zeke has considered for a long time since I tell him about the blogs I read. He is an introverted dog, so the thought of blogging to the cyber world is a little bit daunting. It was a warm day yesterday and Zeke spent some time chasing a big ball that had blown into the back yard. He cooled off by prancing through the water in the ditch. Yellow labs look even more dirty after mudding up the paws. He enjoyed the warm sunny Sunday afternoon before tucking in to his dog house for the night. He was not happy when I told him to expect snow tomorrow.
Well, this is Zeke’s first blog so we will keep it short.
I’m saddened to tell everyone that Zeke is no longer jumping and barking in my back yard and the yard feels terribly empty right now.  I got use to 12 years of daily running down to the basement to prepare meals, to toss the ball, or “wrestle” in a variety of ways.  Zeke was a yellow lab, a breed susceptible to arthritis in the hips and Zeke quickly degenerated in that area.  I did not want him to suffer any more than he had since his ability to get up or sit down or walk straight was compromised.  The vet asked if I would like to stay with him to the end and as I thought about it I told her, “I’ve been with a number of people when they died, but I’d rather remember my dog jumping and running.”  As all of you know who have had to part with your pet, it is a hard decision, but it is even more difficult to watch your dog in pain.  Zeke was the kind of dog that kept his “puppiness” for nearly all his life.
We used to joke that Zeke was my son and he was a good one.  He lived 12 good years, pretty good for a lab.  I miss him even if all he had ever done was just hang around.  Happy Just to Have You Hanging Around
Enjoy another Allen Levi song:
I Wish I Were a Rich Man’s Dog
Building Zeke's house!

Building Zeke’s house!

Zeke's first snow.

Zeke’s first snow.






Zeke eating a football.

Zeke eating a football.










We will miss you, boy!














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