e28 BMW 1986 & 1987

I’ve been posting on FB with some guys on the “BMW E28 Group” page and it got me searching through pics on my ’87.  It reminded me that a lot has been done to “Elka” since 2008 when I purchased her from my friend James.  Then James put me on to another e28, 1986, “Gretchen”, that I bought in June 2013.  My wife drives her, yes, her DD.  I drive Elka daily.  We are a full e28 garage!  Just thought I might post a few pics from the archives.


“Elka” just before I owned her. April, 2008.



Elka in May, 2014.








Elka has been through many changes in six years.  Just in these two pics above: painted wheels, bumper tuck, blacked out all chrome, painted valance, windows tinted, and ride just slightly lower with new set of springs and struts.

Tons of work on the inside!  “New” engine, both strut housings replaced in front, transformed all interior to all black, reconditioned leather in back seat, recovered front seats in imitation leather, and the list goes on.  Elka is my non-stock toy, while Getchen (below) I will keep as stock as possible.


Located in warehouse in May 2013. Just needed a battery to get her home.












Cleaned up, windows tinted.











There have been others in the family…


“Bernie” – she was totaled and her engine now resides in “Elka”.










This was my brief encounter with a 2002. Had to sell her 😦 because I had too many BMWs at the time.












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