A Better Monday Afternoon


Check Bentley for all torque settings.

Engine check list:

Power steering pump

Ac compressor

Water pump

Wiring to starter

Wiring to oil sensor

Wiring to alternator

Vacuum hose (brown/clear) to intake underneath driver side

Hose from reservoir to T connector                                                                                                                                                                 DSCN9002

Bracket on top of engine holding sensors

Gray sensor to passenger side

Reference and speed sensors

Fuel regulator / and vacuum hose feeds thru hole at intake and connects at front under intake

Sensor to flywheel (front)

Thermostat housing

Hoses under intake to T connector

Cross bracket with reset connectors/module

Throttle housing

Check throttle – frayed cable

Idle control unit, hose to intake, unit bolted to valve cover and to air flow tube

Wire rail (2 nuts)

Oil in lifters and spark plug holes

Air valve, passenger hose to charcoal canister, vent hose, vacuum hose to intake nipple next to block

Valve cover gasket

Radiator and mounts (slide center sleeve out to slide mount on rad)DSCN9010

Air filter housing and AFM – electric connection held on with zip tie


Distributer cap

Fuel lines


Radiator wiring, top sensor (green to firewall side), bottom sensor (green/brown lower)

Fan  (torque bolts on fan clutch)

Fan cowell

Oil in filter and engine!!


Check for leaks on oil, coolant, etc.



****  ****  ****

As you may have gathered, this was my check list for getting my BMW back up and running.  Got the engine and transmission mounted on Monday 5/5 and on Friday 5/16 had first start and test drive.  Only one little oil leak that was quickly fixed!


All buttoned up and ready for the road! Well, except for hood shocks!


This was my first engine swap and it was fun to learn more about my e28.  She is running great.  First road trip was to the Vintage at Old Salem and we had a good time with both e28s.  Will post later about the Vintage.



Ready for At the Vintage


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