An Old New Shave

I’ve done it.  I am back to the razor my dad used to use.  Not his particular razor, who knows what happened to that, but the same style razor.  One blade, double edged, safety razor, old school.  I was so tired of spending too much money on twin, triple, quad, (will it ever end) blades that just make shaving so boring and unappealing.  One surprise from my change to DE razor shaving is how much I enjoy it.  I have purchased an inexpensive razor and I am currently trying out various blades to find one I like the most.  After a month of shaving I now look forward to shaving every day.  I’ve been researching all the products available for DE razor shaving and will keep using my store of Edge shaving cream until it runs out.  Then I will consider a brush and soaps, etc.  There are several websites with lots of products like:  and I stopped by this store in Charlotte last time I was at South Park Mall,  Sometimes the best things in life are older and less expensive.  Even so, technology has greatly improved old style razors and blades too!  Razors have become like Rocky movies, I mean, how many blades can you fit in one handle?  DSCN8703


One Response to “An Old New Shave”

  1. Wilber Jones Says:

    My preferences – Edwin Jagger razor, Crystal de blades (made in Israel), Cremo shave cream.

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